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[Leaked] Windows Phone 8 ‘Apollo’ features leaked !

Looks like the features of the next major Windows Phone relese WP8 a.k.a Apollo has leaked.The leaked information are through a video hosted by Microsoft for their partners at Nokia according to PocketNow.

List of leaked Features of Windows Phone 8 Apollo

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Rather than just sharing a similar interface with desktop and tablets, Windows Phone 8 will share many of its core components with Windows 8 making it easy for developers to port in their apps from desktop to mobile.Most of the code can be used as such for both desktop and mobile.


Seems like an end to Zune, Windows 8 will have a more functional ActiveSync.The companion app of Xbox will now be available on mobile as well desktop.


The Windows Phone 8 will support multicore processors, which obviously enables better running and multi tasking of applications.It brings four new screen resolutions (not known exactly).This windows phone version will support removable microSD cards.Also this new version supports NFC radios enabling easy file sharing among different platforms and NFC payment gateways.


WP8 will have a camera app called lens which will have the basic interface for the camera and can be skinned or overlaid with third party view finders.

Skype integration

Skype app will be integrated with the OS allowing easy VOIP calls just like the normal network based calls.

Data Smart

An interesting new addition to Apollo is DataSmart which simplifies the tracking of network data usage to save data plan bills.In Addition it also gives preference to WiFi connections by automatically connecting to open carrier operated WLANs.

Internet Explorer 10 and Proxy

The native browser on the OS will be Internet explorer 10.The planned use of Proxy servers on IE 10 will save you upto 30% of data usage by the server-side compression of data.


SkyDrive integration allows easy file sharing among Windows devices.It is well explained with an example, that even your newly bought Windows phone will have all your music collection without PC Sync.


Windows Phone Apollo will provide 128 bit full disk encryption with Bitlocker similar to the desktop versions to secure the files stored.

Windows Phone Apollo is scheduled to be released after the Tango update.Also The tagline of Windows 8 seems to have been changes from “Windows reimagined” to “The New Familiar“.

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