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5 Cool Android tablets costing below 10K

When it comes to the tablet, it is quite difficult to find the same below 10k. Yet there a few choices that one can pick up at very economical rates.  Some of the cheapest android tablets costing below 10k includes Aakash Tablet, Wespro, are some of the cheapest and favorite many youngsters.  However, it is the quality line where these gadgets lack. In our blog we recently covered latest FunBook tab from Micromax. Nevertheless, reliance has earned a good reputation when it comes to good tablets below 10k.

When it comes to the recent tablet wars, many companies have taken a lead in launching cheapest android tablets.  These android pc includes magnum pepper, HCL Me X1, and many more.  The best part of these tablets is that they are cheap.  Apart from this, it contains exciting features like 3G support, latest android OS versions, Wi-Fi, and fast processor.

Let us check out some of the cool android tablets costing below 10 k

LACS Magnum peppers:  It is one of the newest products in the market.  It has 800 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM.  This tablet is quite light in weight.  What makes it unique to stand among the hordes, of tablets is complete cum PC facilities.  The customers can play movies, games, and music, surf the internet, and plug in a 3G dongle, pen drive.  You can also connect tablet to the internet.  Beside this the tablet is featured with 10/100 Base-T Ethernet LAN port, 32 GB storage and front facing camera for video calling.  The price to this gadget costs around Rs.7000.  In terms of window and android software, it runs Android 2.2 Froyo, and other Wi-Fi network connection.

Reliance 3G tab:  Reliance has also taken a lead in producing tablets at very economical rates.  The price tag carries just 12000.  Reliance android tablets has come up with android gingerbread device has a 7-inch touch screen display.  This enhances the ability of multi-tasking functions.  While using reliance 3G tab users can operate multi-touch input.  The other high lights regarding the reliance 3G tab is the battery life.  The battery can last up to 9 hours.  Therefore, somewhere down the line battery has a tough competition to iPad.  Reliance 3G tablet has 800MHZ processor.  The device also has dual camera and front facing in VGA (the rear camera supports 2 megapixels).  The awesome feature is also added Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which makes it a perfect tab now.

HCL Me X1:  it is one of the smartest tablet available in the market.  It is designed with 1GHz processor, the screen 7-inch display, and the gingerbread android 2.3.  When it comes to the memory, it has 512 MB RAM and 32 GB maximum storage.  Apart from this, you will get HD picture quality.  The price tag is around Rs. 10,490.

Mercury m tab:  it is one of the cheapest tablets in market.  This tablet is dangling with several exciting features.  It includes processors, and 3D acceleration.  This gingerbread tablet has 3 core processors with ARM 111.2 GHz processors.  It is one of the cheapest phones in the market.  With stylish and sleek model, you can purchase this model at the rate Rs.9499.

Beetel Magique: just at the price of 9000, you can possess an amazing tablet in your hand.  This is an ultra-sophisticated gadget.  It is upgraded with all the recent features and technology.

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