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Ecopad : Tablet that is powered by your Touch !

Tablet PCs,once you start using them,you would start using it for everything! Once fully charged your current tablet may be alive for about 10 hours.What if your Tablet does not run out of charge even though you use it for several hours?The concept of Ecopad is such.Ecopad is a concept of Tablet under development that needs no external power sources to charge it.All that it needs is your touch to power it up.

The nano piezoelectric layer, is capable of producing and storing energy based on human interaction.When the user interacts by touching the display the layer produces electricity and stores it in the battery.Whenever you run out of charge,just a dew interactions on the display would power your tablet again!

This tablet or similar concept is not available yet.It is under development…The research may prove to be effective or may not.Keep in touch to know about the development of the tablet!


What do you feel about this concept? Would it be effective? Share your views in comments!

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Featured Technology | Kira

This is really amazing. My first time to stumble upon this technology now. This is indeed a very environmental friendly. I wonder if it's energy efficient too. is it?


It is still under development.We may know if it is energy efficient only when it is commercially out...any way it is powered by your touch!