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More problems with the new iPad 3 slowing its sales

The long-awaited launch of the new iPad was by and large a big success. Tens of thousands of people queued up outside stores in countries across  the world; millions of units were sold in the first few days alone; and reviews of the tablet were mostly positive. However, there have been a few  glitches.

First there was talk of the new iPad overheating. Users in Apple support forums complained that the tablet became almost too hot to hold (at least too hot to hold comfortably) when they were playing their favorite computer games or when performing GPU-intensive tasks. Apple denied that there was a problem. And it seems the issue has died down a little.

But then there were complaints that the LTE technology led to excessive data consumption. As a recent Forbes article confirmed, owners of the new iPad who choose to use it over the 4G network could end up spending hundreds of dollars a month for the required gigabytes. The danger is that they could go through their data plans far more quickly than they would like.

But these aren’t the only issues besetting the new iPad. Very recently it has been reported that Apple’s 3rd generation iPad simply won’t connect
to 4G cellular data networks in Australia. The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) are threatening to sue Apple if they do not change their marketing message and make it clear that the 4G version of the iPad will not work in Australia. Apple, however, deny that they misled the Australian public.

Paul Anastassiou, a spokesman for Apple, declared that they Apple never said that the the new iPad was compatible with Telstra 4G. That said, Apple are in fact refunding Australian customers who bought the new iPad in the expectation that it would work with the Australian 4G LTE nework. In addition, Apple have agreed to issue a message stating the the new iPad is incompatible with this network.

Whilst these issues have not prevented Apple from selling millions of new iPads, it is possible that they have sparked a new interest in the 2nd generation tablet, which avoids some of the issues plaguing the latest model. With many a cheap ipad 2 for sale, it seems that some consumers are opting not to “upgrade” but rather to go for a 2nd rather than 3rd generation Apple tablet. And with talk of a possible fourth generation tablet on its way, there are those who are reluctant to invest in the “new iPad” right now.

Author bio: Gilbert Chadwick blogs about various gadget releases and stories. He keeps a close eye on what’s happening in the gadget world and shares his thoughts about it both offline and online.

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