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Photoshop CS5 iPad Apps released on App Store

Earlier the previous month we discussed about Photoshop’s three iPad apps that make editing your images easier.

Today Apple has finally made those apps available on the App Store.The apps and their pricing are as below.


Create beautiful paintings on your iPad and instantly access them in Photoshop.

Download Adobe Eazel for iPad – $4.99


Activate Photoshop tools, browse open documents, and more from your iPad.

Download Adobe Nav for iPad – $1.99


Mix custom colors on your iPad and immediately use them in Photoshop.

Download Adobe Color Lava for iPad – $2.99

Share your views and thoughts about these apps in comments…

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Donald List@Laptop HQ
Donald List@Laptop HQ

Out of these 3 apps, Adobe Eazel seems to be the most useful one. I've seen a "painting with eazel" demo video at Adobe blog and it seemed pretty impressive. As for color lava, i don't see how it could be used, especially if the colors on your monitor don't match those on a laptop.