Tablet with a transparent screen? Yes, Grippity has got one


Though Samsung patented recently for transparent touch screen, Grippity has unveiled a table with translucent display that takes touch inputs on both the sides. It is for you to decide to use it as a tablet or a remote control or a game controller or a media center keyboard, because it can take role of all those mentioned above.

It has a 7inch 800×480 semi-transparent display, both its front and rear panels support multi touch input and a storage capacity of 4GB which is extendable up to 32GB.The tablet runs Android  4.2.2 Jelly Bean on a Cortex A8 processor. The tablet also supports WiFi and Bluetooth, another interesting feature is it comes with IR blaster thus you can use it as a remote controller for your television or DVD player.

Jacob Eichbaum, the creator of Grippity avers that users may feel easier to type in touch screen keyboard as the display of the tablet is partially translucent and also since both the panels support touch user can use all his ten fingers to type instead of two.

Although its price isn’t clearly declared ,The cost for reserving  a tablet which would  be delivered in October 24 is 235 dollars, also pre orders can be placed at the rate of 159 dollars per unit. If you would like to back the project, you can still do it via the Kickstarter campign of the project.


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