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Top 6 Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone [Essentials]

In the modern world we are surrounded too much with technology that we use technology for all the purposes. But there is one work in which we did not use technology ever. That is health. Did you use technology for health related purposes. I am sure you might not have used it, because in this running world of money, we don’t have time for our health. We have fear about our health but we can’t do anything for our perfect health, because we don’t have time.

Why should not we use technology for our health care as well. This will keep us in touch with technology which is the demand of today and will also help us in maintaining perfect health, which is the demand of long life. iPhone is my favorite gadget like many other people. There are lots of apps are available which are related to health, but all are not useful at all. So I have decided to write this post in which I am going to list the top 6 iPhone apps for health and fitness. So let’s have a look on it and chose the best apps for your iPhone.

  1. Run Keeper:
         You must have heard of Nike+ app which tracks your daily run. Run keeper is the alternate for it and the best part of the app is that it has many features even in the free version as well. The app is must download app for all the health conscious people. This app is based on GPS system and tracks your daily run.
  2. Lose it:
         This iPhone app can also be named as Calorie counter. It counts the calories you eat daily and alert you if you take over value of it. The Lost it app can be very helpful for those, who are on diet. All of us eat daily a large amount of extra calories, but this app can help us and can control our use.
  3. Eat This Not That:
    This iPhone acts as an food advisor for you and tells you about the food, that which food contains high calories and which contain low. Actually it tell you that what should you eat and what not.
  4. BP Buddy:
         BP is one of the common disease find among the people. The High BP causes many serious problems. You can use this great app, it will keep you updated with the situation of your BP.
  5. Sleep Machine:
    Actually whenever we talk about the health we do not mention sleep ever.I am not going to forget it as the sleep is main part of health and a person without proper sleep time can’t be healthy ever. This cool app allows you to fall in a lovely sleep with the help of more than 60 soundtracks in it.
  6. Water Your Body:
    Excess and less amount of water consumption is bad, but this great app suggests you the right amount of water that you should be taking. It does provide this by data entered into it which can be entered manually as well.

This post has been originally done by: Rajkumar Jonnala Blogger and Content Writer with very much experience in the field of dental implants industry.

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