Intel’s Ultrabook Convertibles : Is it the future ?

Intel’s Ultrabooks are becoming popular these days as they are faster ,lighter and less power consuming. Most of the laptop users have moved to ultrabooks by just giving up the optical drive for a much greater performance with the ultrabooks.

With the Windows 8 Coming into market and the success of Intel’s Ivy bridge technology Ultrabooks are undoubtedly going to conquer the world.A lighter, slimmer computer that consumes lesser power or in other words stays alive longer to give you the maximum performance is made real by the Ultrabooks.

The new innovation in ultrabook is the Ultrabook Convertible which further promises a better use. It can transform into a Tablet( a bit bulky) and back into a notebook to suit the needs at any time.All those ads featuring ultrabooks and ultrabook convertibles are going viral exibiting the response it has got from the people.

People are willing to go with an ultrabook rather than an ordinary notebook which is bulkier and less performing comparatively.People at work, college students and business people feel it handy to carry around with them.

What is your personal view on ultrabooks? Will you go with a notebook or an ultrabook?

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