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Vodafone Webbox to arrive India ! : Internet on your TV

Webbox is a keyboard at a first look.But you are forced to believe that it is a portable data device that it powered by Android.Webbox is a QWERTY keyboard like device that has built in Antenna and hardware running on Android 2.1 eclair enabling Televisions connect to the web with its own interface.The device supports 2.5G and EDGE networks and connects to TV with standard RCA cables to provide faster internet experience.

This device was introduced in South Africa earlier this February and was a great success.It is a plug and play device with no extra setup needed.This service is to arrive India and it is sure to receive a good good welcome as many in India could not afford for a Computer.This would be a better solution for such to have internet access on their TV.

All you need to do is pop in your SIM card and connect the device to your television to get into the Webbox’s friendly interface.The Opera Mini offers a faster web experience.Also the device offers you FM Radio, music player, a photo album, text messaging and email, calculator, calendar, stopwatch and a text editor.

Who needs an internet TV when you could turn yours into one..? The price of the device is rumoured to be between ₹ 5000 to ₹ 6000.The device ,on purchase, will include 12GB free data usage with a validity of 180 days.

Watch a short video of this device…

What do you thin of the device? Would you buy one? share your thoughts and views in comments…


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Green Pro
Green Pro

Wow such great innovation. Internet on TV ... its sound interesting... :)


You can just have a little PC (MediaCenter) and install something like Boxee and you can easily do all this. YouTube, Flickr, Digg, and others.

fazal mayar
fazal mayar

Woah tahts amazing, internet on tv, I would like to surf on internet on my 42 inches tv.