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What is The Advent of Mobile Video Technology in Our Lives

Widespread Use of Mobile Phones

When mobile phones were introduced for the first time in the 1980s, they were big, ugly and chunky. Even though they had revolutionized the way people were communicating with one another, they were these expensive-ugly things that people were not interested in buying. But as time went buy the mobile phone became smaller and smarter in design. Its only function is no longer as a wireless phone used to make calls. It is now a complete compact assistant for you.

 Apart from making calls you can take pictures, make videos, organize your daily schedule, SMS your friends, set alarms and the list goes on. As if that was not enough now we can go online through our mobile phones using the mobile network or Wi-Fi and browse the web, chat with our friends, stay connected on social networks, watch online videos and download our favorite songs. Even a pay as you go mobile broadband service wouldn’t be as easy to use as compare to the smartphones of today.

 Mobile phones have become a must-have technology product for every person. No matter where you live, what you do or how old you are, a mobile phone is your trusty companion. As long as you are old enough to read, write and play games, a mobile phone is easily used by almost everyone.

 Mobile phones can now be purchased in a number of designs, colors and sizes. They have become an accessory that we can’t live without only becoming smarter and sleeker. Each new model has some added features that make them even more attractive to us.

Advent of Mobile Videos

Just as the picture camera was added to the mobile phone to enable us to take pictures on the go, soon the video camera was also added into all mobile phones. People are now empowered with a picture and video camera right in their hand all the time. Of course, you can’t carry a handy-cam with you all the time and sometimes when at a birthday party or hanging out with friends we often end up wishing we had a handy-cam to capture the moment. Well, mobile video cameras have made that easier.

Now with your mobile phone you can make videos wherever you are. Naturally the video quality of the mobile video depends on the lens of the mobile phone’s video camera, but they produce fairly good videos. Some phones even come with a small flash bulb for shooting in darker places.

 Mobile videos are not just limited to our making them with our cell phone. You can also download videos from the internet directly to your mobile. Mobile videos are mostly in formats like 3GP, MP4, RTSP, etc. The advantage of these formats is that they are compressed and that makes the size of the mobile video smaller. These smaller sized mobile videos are easier to share accessing the web directly through your mobile phone. All you would need is a good broadband service at your place or a good mobile network. Now there are even pay as you go mobile broadband deals available from broadband service provider. Staying connected was never this easy.

 Mobile videos of songs, commercials, shows, movie trailers and so much more are freely available on the internet. All you need is an internet connection to download them to your mobile. Problems that were previously faced in viewing mobile videos like taking too long to buffer/download or playback problems are no longer an issue. The mobile networks and broadband internet connections have improved their technologies so much that you can start buffering videos in seconds and download music video in minutes.


Mobile phones have not only revolutionized the telephonic communication, but have also revolutionized the way we stay connected online sharing pictures and mobile videos. Now we no longer have to be at a loss of a video camera to capture a special moment, but can just use our mobile phone to capture it. No sooner have we captured it we can press a button and our mobile video will be uploaded on the internet. It is something our ancestors might have called magic, but that is mobile video technology for you!

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