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World’s cheapest Tablet computer – Aakash 2 by IITians

Tablet computers are very well used by business people and also kids. Indians are better in making computers. Super computer made by Indians is an awesome invention. The best known Indian college in the world is Indian Institute of Technology. Students who study there are brilliant enough in creating technology.

Students of Indian Institute of Technology, Rajasthan teamed up to create a computer technology. They resulted out in making a cheapest Android based Tablet computer. Aakash 1 was the first tablet computer made by them was sold to the students of Indian Institute of technology. Aakash users reached 500.

Unfortunately, Aakash 1 received negative feedbacks from the users. When the Aakash’s developers interviewed a student, he said that it doesn’t supports all file formats, overheating within 30 minutes of usage, frequent hanging of the computer, poor audio quality and also users are not able to download most of the free softwares from the web. “Aakash was below our expectation.”, he added.

First version of Aakash has been sold for Rs.2,276 (49 USD). The first version of Aakash doesn’t weigh more. The only operating system that can be installed in Aakash is Android. We will be in the mind set that Android supports most of the Applications but its not in the case of Aakash. Due to few bugs in Aakash computer Android operating system failed to give maximum support to the computer. It was running at the speed of 366 Mhz and a RAM of 256 MB. It was said that Multitasking is not possible in Aakash 1.

Aakash 1 (First version) was launched on last month that is October 5, 2011. Senior Professor of IIT who headed for Aakash team said that next version would be more functional with many bugs removed.

The Aakash developers planned to launch the second version of Aakash Tablet computer with more functionality. They also said that the next Tablet computer will emerge out by competing with other tablet computers. The new Aakash 2 will contain the processor 800 Mhz. They told that the’ll upgrade the RAM memory to 1 GB. Aakash developers told, “Unlike Aakash 1, Aakash 2 will be ready for multitasking”.

Not only such features. Aakash 2 will contain a miniature built-in camera for video chatting through Skype and other applications. Aakash 2 provides touch screen feature too. Aakash team has not made the selling of tablet computers to public. It’s been sold and tested with IIT students.

They told that the Aakash 2 tablet computer can be used by Kids and children. The team targets two million users of the Aakash 2 tablet computer. They also plan to provide the tablet computer for each kid by 2017.

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