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New Xbox dashboard video leaked ! New Discoverable feature on Xbox

Xbox is one among the best gaming consoles.Microsoft is designing a new Dashboard for its gaming console Xbox which would be made available at the end of this year.

Winrumors reported that the dash board look has been leaked by a youtube user with a Video.The video had many screenshots of the new dashboard.

But within a few hours , the video had been removed from Youtube due to a copyright claim by Microsoft.This video is no longer available unless some one has a copy of it.

But dont you worry.Screenshots of the dashboard would help you have a glimpse on the new dash…


New ‘Discoverable’ feature

The leaked video of the dash showed off a new feature called Discoverable┬áin settings.Microsoft says the setting is to “change your settings to allow companion devices to discover your Xbox.”There is no much information about this.

These screen shots are not official.This means that this is not an authentic one until Microsoft confirms it to be true.But the copyright claim of Microsoft to delete the video from Youtube rises a doubt, if it is true?

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