Now you can play PC games on the go with SteamBoy hand-held console


SteamBoy is a handheld Steam based gaming console, announced at E3, by a group called SteamBoy Machine Team, who are independent of Valve. Their proposed gaming console, claims to play almost all games available for PC via Steam. They have released a teaser for their console which sure will tingle your gaming nerve.

It is expected that the device, SteamBoy, will target the PS Vita and the NVIDIA Shield consoles. It will be the first handheld device that would run Steam. For those who don’t know, Steam is a Debian linux based OS, customized for gaming, by a company called Valve.

The device in the teaser, has two trackpads akin to the Steam controller and Xbox style buttons for controls. It has a 5-inch touch screen positioned between the controls, that delivers visuals at an aspect ratio of 16:9. The device will be powered by a Quad-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, and will come with 32GB of built-in memory. The exact specs are still not clear. It is expected to come with a decent hardware to run a range of PC games with varying requirements.

Steamboy is portable solution for playing Steam games and it may not be as powerful as other Steam machines, just like how PS Vita is to PS4 and Nintendo 3DS is to Wii U. But i will keep you engaged on the bus, in waiting rooms and wherever you want to game.

The Steamboy is expected to launch in 2015 and would support 3G and WiFi connectivity. According to the team, the device will balance performance and cost, while supporting majority of currently available Steam games.


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