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Kingston SSDNow UV100 : Hands on review


Kingston has recently launched its SSDNow UV100 product in India to target the low-price SSD sector. Indians are increasingly preferring an Solid State Disk(SSD) as an replacement to their hard disk drive for its speed. People feel that moving to SSD, their computer performs even better and this averts the need to buy a whole new PC, and this is not a bad fact for an average home user.

The Kingston SSDNow UV100 is a well built and light weight SSD, compared to many others of the same range in the market. The device is light weight and can considerably reduce your notebook’s weight if you replace it for your hard disk. The pack clains to provide a read and write speeds at a rate of 425 MB/s. But this isn’t a consistent speed for real use. The speed also depends on other factors and configuration of the computer it is installed in.But the performance is not bad at all for it was so fast that you wont even feel the lag of reading from memory when opening a large file or a memory-hungry job.

The benchmark tests done on the device with ATTO Disk Benchmark gave a write speed of 205 MB/s and a read speed of 241 MB/s.
The CrystalDiskMark showed no change on the write speeds but showed a increased read speed of 268 MB/s in the sequential read write test.This is a very decent performance for a budget SSD. A normal user may not want any better than this and is worth the price.



The real test with normal use on Windows 8 showed better results to surprise us. The average speed of transfer of data from normal HDD to the SSDNow UV100 was about 115 Mb/s. The copy from SSD to the HDD reached peak at 252 MB/s, but on average only 90 MB/s was observed. This is due to the speed limitations of normal HDD and is to be considered. The data copy within the SSD reached a huge peak at 740 MB/s and gradually dropped to 400500 MB/s, but the overall average of the operation was about 220 MB/s.

Overall the device delivered an acceptable performance and promises to speed up your jobs on your PC or notebook. We also tested the device by playing many HD movies simultaneously and parallel copy operations on the SSD and few other applications working on the data on the SSD and we found no lag in access of the data and the movies played smooth. On the whole, Kingston SSDNow UV100 is a decent performer.
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