The most awaited iTunes 11 is here – So what’s special?

After a long wait by the Apple iFans, the iTunes has convinced the expectations of users.It created a huge buzz on the net on the day of release.It is finally out now and has come with an all new design and notable features.

It is much easier than before to Browse thorugh your music.The removal of sidebar gives you more room to browse more album covers.The bar on top offers options to show songs, albums, artists or genres.

iTunes 11 is faster than its predecessors.Your experience with iTunes 11 will make you feel it is faster than before.

The Mini Player squeezes in more controls for you making it easier for you to switch between songs look up songs on queue without heading to library and even search for another song.

iCloud streaming to all your devices makes it easier to pplay music anywhere you go.If you are going to be offline, you can download a copy with you to listen to.

The iTunes Store has been designed to look and feel the same across all your iDevices. Easier and simpler to use.

Resume from where ever you left.Pause your movie, TV show or video anywhere you want and the next time it will be continued from there on any device! Pause it on you Mac and continue from your iPad or iPhone. Intelligent right?

Get it from apple website here…

So have you had your hands on the new iTunes? Share your experience in comments…

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