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Easy ways to place adsense ads on your WordPress website!

Blogging has turned commercial than to share information now.And the best way of monetizing your website is through ads.Though commercial view is on mind,many bloggers are lazy to include the ad code into the post manually.There are simpler ways to include ads for such bloggers.May be for all,as this is an effective method.

Inserting ads automatically can be done in two ways.Using Plugin and using Shortcode.Plugin as most of the wordpress users know,it is a add-on script to make things effective on your wordpress blog.The shortcode method is another which is done by editing your theme’s function.php file.In this method a short code alone is to be included in the wordpress blog post.

The Shortcode Method:

Most of the wordpress users prefer this method though some manual interaction is need.This is because they feel that using a lot of plugins may slow the response of their wordpress installation.This is simple yet care should be taken not to go wrong as you are working with your theme’s core file.Any HTML or javascript can be included using this method.

All you have to do is open your theme’s function.php file and paste this code without affecting other functions there.

function adsensefunc()
return '
||your adsense code here||
add_shortcode('adsense', 'adsensefunc');

Now save the file replacing the text ||your adsense code here|| with your adsense ad unit code.Save the file.Whenever you make a post just include the shortcode [adsense] in the post wherever you want the ad to appear.

Note:You may rename the function names and make new ones to have shortcode for two or more ad units.


This is a lot easier.Search for the plugin and install.Change settings on the options page as you do for most of the plugins.Some popular plugins that could help you solve this particular problem of inserting ads are listed below.

Quick Adsense:

Though the name,this plugin can also be used to place ads of other companies like Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Clicksor, Infolinks, Kontera and any HTML code for the purpose.This plugin allows you to define ten different ads and use it on posts.You have the automatic insertion option as well as shortcode option.In both the methods you are needed to provide the code in the plugin’s options page.This plugin is free and is available HERE.

Author Advertising Plugin:

This plugin is of very much use for muti0author blogs that wish to share their ad impressions with the authors by allowing them to show their ads on posts.All that is needed is the Publisher ID and the adslot number.Also percentage of impression you wish to share can be set.In such case the set percentage of total impression will show the author’s ads and other time,the admin’s ads will be shown.Know more about the plugin and download it from HERE.

I have shared only selective methods and plugins which I personally feel are good though there are many.The ones metioned are reliable and effective.

Also share your views and also some plugins which you prefer in comments!

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Olawale Daniel
Olawale Daniel

This is cool article. Many times, I found it too hard to place my adds in a place where my readers can get it clicked (i don't know why). I usually get more than 1k visitors everyday and I only managed to make little money from adsense but with this article, Im on the way.
Thanks for sharing this.