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[How-to] Create a encrypted and hidden secret partition on your USB Flash drive

Almost everyone today has a USB Flash drive be it a pen drive or a memory card for the case.And if the previous applies, the person sure has some files to be secured as confidential and off from the view of others.Normal file encryption or hiding the files may not be so secure as it gives a trace of some existing files to a third person.So what is the ultimate easy way to hide such files? the answer is Create an encrypted secure partition within your flash drive.

Normally the flash drive as a whole is considered as a single partition by the computer.Using a free software called Rohos Mini Drive you can easily create a hidden secure partition to store your confidential files in few steps as simple as Plug,click,click,unmount.

You can get the Rohos Mini Drive installer from here.It is a small executable of size 3.7 MB.Just install it on your PC and get your Flash drive ready for the proceedings.

How To create a Hidden Partition on Flash drive

Plugin your USB Flash drive and start the Rohos Mini Drive.You will get a screen as on the shot below.

To create an Encrypted partition click on Encrypt USB Drive option…you will see a window flash as below.

Click the Change Option inside the white box to alter the disk size and other parameters as shown in the shot below , and Click OK.

Then give a passwor of your desire and click the Create Disk button in the screen shown after.If you choose to have a shortcut on your desktop for the hidden partition you wil have quick access(only on your system)

Now after completing the Partition creation the Home screen will show the info of  connected encrypted drive.You can browse your files from there with your password.

How to access the files from some other computer?

When you create a hidden partition, a light weight portable exe file is created on your drive named as Rohos Mini Drive (Portable).exe clicking on it you will be promted for the password only after which you will be provided access to your encrypted partition , unless which you will see no trace of your hidden drive…!

The shot below is the access granted browsing window…

So try the software and be relieved of the tension of securing your files.You can even give the drive to anyone without fear of your files being seen.Share your thoughts and vies in comments..share and tweet the post on facebook and twitter to make your friends aware…

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