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[How-To] Generate Colorful QR Codes with your Logo !

QR codes are now common everywhere.You may find it on many consumer products , advertisements, Websites, for sharing contact details and many.QR codes are similar to bar codes that contain encoded messages in them.

Now that they have become common, the old Black colored QR codes are sure boring, have lost interest and sometimes suspicious too.What if they were colorful, attractive and branded ? This would be great for the brands to attract people and also encourages people to scan with confidence.

Unitag has made available , a QR code generator that allows one to choose a custom gradient of colors to make the QR colorful and also allows to brand the QR code with a custom logo.Also the generator provides options to choose to have shadows of our choice.

Adding Gradients and Logo may make the QR code unreadable.So the must be chosen wisely and is better to test the QR code with some readers to check for the readability of the code before making it public.

Click here to generate QR code on the Unitag website…

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