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How to increase the Visitor’s time on your site

These days blogging is becoming more and difficult because of production of high rate of new blogs, every day.Because of too many blogs the competition is also very high as well as many updates of Google to sort out the website. Every Blogger are nowadays keeping eye on the analytics of their website. Also to check the ranking of their blog Alexa Rank and PageRank had been introduced. In terms of Alexa people also check their visitor’s time on site which is often low due to some or the other causes. The causes are mostly due to very common reasons which I am going to tell you with solutions. But before proceeding make sure that your WordPress blog is on a good Hosting site.

Speed up the loading time of website.

This is one of the basic reasons why your visitors leave your website after few seconds. As there are hundreds of blogs available in the search engine, visitors will only open website which loads very quickly while the one which takes time to open would be closed by them. This is because there are 72% of visitors who still have slow internet connections speed and for them, this requirement quite necessary.  The solution to this problem is to check which widget of your blog takes time to load and find the alternative to it. If it’s related to live traffic or live visit or calendar or organizer type widgets, then it is highly recommended to remove it immediately. Also if you are using any image as a part of website’s design then either compress it or change it.

Make your Blog, Smartphone and Tablet Compatible.

Now, it is a generation of smartphones and tablets. Nearly 90% of users are now relying on tablet and smartphones. So it is a must to install a theme which supports Smartphone or tablets very comfortably as well as does not have any pop up to cause any interference. If you are WordPress user then always choose a clean theme. users just have to activate and select a good theme.

Work on Good Content

Remember that blogs heart is the content and every blog should have very proper content. The font should be made very large, clear and clean. Write the post in points and not in large paragraphs.  Also add images to the post to clarify the topic you are talking about. This would create a great interest on the visitor. Also add video to the following posts to boost up the time on site.

If there is any link on your blog always make it redirect to a new tab

This is the most causing problem for having visitors spend less time on site. Because if they click on any link they like it would open on the same tab which would lead to closing of your site. So in order to solve this problem it is necessary to add a target=”_blank” tag to the HTML code of Anchor text. Example is given below. <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Bing</a>

Author Bio: This Post is written by Aveta. Aveta is the founder and editor of Tajo Credit AG. He is a writer, small Jobs business owner , and professional in the corporate world.

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