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How to post your Google+ updates to Twitter automatically

Since Google+ is a new kid on the block, all its features are still in development process. In that case many of Google+ users are unable to post the same update at once in multiple social networks and it becomes a long process to update the same thing more than 2 to 3 times. Well there are a many third party applications for Google+ coming up these days which are taking advantages of this new born social network. Similarly there’s one third party app called ManageFlitter which allows you to post your Google+ updates automatically to your Twitter profile. Yes with this application you can automatically update your Twitter account by posting updates in Google+. To use this service you need to visit and sign in with your Twitter account.

After signing in a page will open where you will find a link called “New Feature: Send Google+ to Twitter”, click on it.

Next you’ll have to enter your Google+ url and Update Settings.
Before updating your settings you can select your tweeting options from the Advanced options by clicking the Expand link.

Save and you’re done!

But remember, if your update is below 140 characters in Google+ then only your post will be tweeted. If it is more than 140 then it will remain in Google+ and will not be updated in Twitter. You can also disable the automatic tweeting option by clicking the Stop Sharing link.

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Geo Jolly
Geo Jolly

Thanks a lot for the tweak..

fazal mayar
fazal mayar

nice trick priyanka, i was wondering how to connect G + with Big T.