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How to Protect Your Wireless Network

Few days back, my friend’s home was raided by cyber police. They were there to catch him for sending a highly abusing email to one person. But what’s this? My friend doesn’t even know about sending email, then how this happened? Later the confusion was cleared and the email was sent by hacking his WiFi. Well, being a blogger, a thought stroke my mind about this activity going all around. So I decided to write a post on protecting your Wireless network. So let’s have a look at it.


Change Administrator Password

This is the first thing to do before putting any step. Your router’s administrator password must be changed first. Every router comes with default password which anyone can easily find from your router’s company’s official website. So if one knows the administrator password of  your router, then it will be comparatively easy for him/her to get control over your router and thus over your wireless network.


Stop broadcasting your network’s SSID

Service Set Identifier (SSID) makes it simple for hacker to get the control over your wireless network. So stop broadcasting your SSID name. Well, although this step is important and useful, still it does not ensure you the full safety. Most of the router companies come up with the default SSID and even if you stop broadcasting it, then the hacker can get it from the official website router’s developers. So the better step will be to change your SSID name first and then stop broadcasting it. Now hacker does not know about the default SSID  name of your network, also he can’t get access to it.


Use Encryption

The data flowing in the air is easily accessible by any hacker. There have been many cases when hanker got control over the wireless network by snooping the data going between your PC and Internet. Once accessible, your wireless network will no longer will be yours, it will be totally under the control of hacker. So it’s better to take precaution before it happens. Using the encryption is the best way to do so. Encryption saves the data to get snooped by hacker.Wi-Fi Protected Access  is recommended encryption to use as compared to any other encryption method.


Protect yourself using MAC addresses

Another good move will be to protect yourself using MAC addresses. The MAC address is a unique name of every networking hardware and works like accessibility coupon. You can use MAC address to ban the access of router to all unknown computers. You can assign MAC names and thus can make your network’s sharing, limited to a no. of computers of your choice. This will ban the hacker’s computer from getting access.

So what are you waiting for? Implement these tips now and always stay in the safer side, when it comes to security about wireless network.

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