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New Indian Rupee Symbol in Unicode : Why still use special fonts?

A year ago Indian government announced a new symbol dedicated to represent the Indian Rupee (INR).At the beginning there were no solution for using the symbol on electronic means.And soon came some fonts that type the symbol on typing the rarely used charecter ( ` ).

I came across many websites and blogs that use a small 9×9 image of the new Rupee Symbol or the old representation (Rs.) and a very few using fonts.Many are still unaware that the Unicode decimal is now available for the Rupee Symbol.By using unicode the symbol is treated as a character.
Now the Symbol can be typed easily on most of the popular text editors with some key combinations and also can be used on webpages with the HTML code for the symbol.

The details of the Unicode symbol are as below…


Unicode Hexadecimal:


Unicode Decimal:


UCS-2 Hexadecimal:
UCS-2 Decimal:


HTML Code Hexadecimal:


HTML Code Decimal:


Typing the charecter on Text Editors:

Most of the text editors support the new Rupee symbol and can be typed with the key combination given below without use of any special fonts.

  • Typing <Ctrl> + <Shift> + u20b9 will yield you the new Rupee symbol.
  • In some text editors <Ctrl> + Vu20b9 does the work.

Using on Web Pages:

To use the new rupee symbol on webpages include the HTML code decimal mentioned above ,for the unicode character in the code part.That is just merely including the code &#8377; in any part of your HTML document will show the new Rupee symbol.

Hope this info would have been useful for you.Use this way to include the rupee symbol rather than silly expired methods like image icons and fonts.

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I have added the HTML Decimal code ₹ in my html file for INR currency symbol
but only a small box as shown besides the codes is shown instead of the currency symbol.

Can someone help me out of this. Thanks


its great and very informative, keep it up bro,,


Wow...It's great to know about this...! :D


Here when use the code in the comment as you see for yourself, it works fine.May be you pasted a wrong code...And also what you say is not clear.Can you report with a screenshot? Happy to help...


Thanks for ur prompt response.
I have added HTML CODE DECIMAL: ₹ in my html file and it is showing a small square symbol there. I am not getting the option to add screenshot.


I am saying that this square symbol is seen on page after putting the html code decomal but not the INR currency symbol.


If you are able to see the symbol on this page and not on your page,then there is some mistake with your page.