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Opera Max for Android : Save on mobile data bill


Opera browsers have already offered compressed web browsing to save data, that actually reduces the volume of data downloaded. Opera Max app for Android is a solution that reduces the overall data usage on your device by routing all the non-encrypted traffic through their servers where the data is compressed.

Opera Max technology is based on SkyFire’s Rocket Optimizer technology. Opera had acquired Skyfire in 2013. This technology compresses almost all traffic to your phone from streaming videos, web text and images. Music streaming is not very much compressed. To the maximum Opera Max can save you 50% of traffic which means that your data pack lasts twice the current time.

By installing the app from the play store, you will have to grant permission for it to act as VPN and Opera Max takes control of all non encrypted traffic in and out of the device. It requires no complex technical config to be done by you. Though not all can be compressed to the max, you will notice at least 15 % of reduction in usage after installing.

The app will monitor  app wise usage, and deliver reports by app or by time or both. This helps you better analyze which takes up more. You can even block traffic of a particular app over metered connection. The Opera Max automatically disables when used via WiFi to deliver better results.

The app is free to use and there are no hidden charges or in-app purchases as of now. For your day to day usage, you may notice that you save a decent amount of data which could help you watch a few more videos or browse for a few more hours. Whatever save is really a gain. Give it a try and get more off your data pack.

[Get Opera Max from play store]

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