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What is a Gravatar? And how to set one?

Gravatar as the name says,it stands for Globally Recognised Avatar.Many may consider this post useless or childish.But i write this post as i recognise in many websited that support gravatar,users do not have a gravatar in comments are  post the make and in most case it is the fact that they are unaware of Gravatar.This post will help you in setting up a gravatar for your own and where it is useful to you.

Now most of the blogs are wordpress powered,which supports Gravatar,or many other sites that support gravatar are growing in number.People interact in those sites by leaving comments and some making posts in the sites.Many like to be unique and want to grab some attention towards them.Gravatar helps such persons.


If you browse many blogs and have the habit of commenting you will be familiar with the icon on the right called as ‘Mystery Man’.This is the default gravatar icon on most of the sites and some may have set other icons as gravatar.You can have a global avatar to use on almost all sites by using just your email as a unique id.When you comment on site you will be asked for your email address.This is what is used to display your Gravatar.

Now let us see how to set up  a Gravatar for your email address.

  1. Just go to .
  2. Click the button named ‘Get your Gravatar today>>’ on the home page.
  3. Enter your email in the next page and click sign up.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation mail.Just click on the link you recieve to activate.
  5. Now login to the site.On your Dashboard you’ll see a link add a new image.Click on it to
  • upload an new image from your hard drive
  • From an internet link to a image
  • Web cam
  • or image uploaded previously

Thats all now use the image with your email address.From then where ever you comment in a Gravatar enabled site You’ll see the image you set.

Technostreak too is a gravatar enabled site.So why are you waiting? If you dont have a gravatar set up one noe and test it by leaving your comment here.Never again be a mysterious person.Show your unique identity.

Comments awaited…

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