Mobile Marketing and tagging – Infographic

As the mobile technology has developed a lot now and that many people spend a big time on their mobile devices,new marketing techniques have evolved.Technologies like Geolocation and tagging enable advertisers to know better their consumers and deliver them the relevant content.The infographic below must give you more info about mobile marketing.

By Mobile Tagging from Microsoft Tag.

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As much as I love my phone talking, I rather have a focused and concentrated position using my different gadgets including my PC. What is the pleasure of staring at my phone for hours in a one little screen if I can do the same, by seating behind my comfy chair and drinking and eating at the same time.
It is sad and tragic how some people are obsessed with their mobile devices even going to the restroom and driving the car they can not take a break from them and accidents happen often and will continue.



True.A lot are addicted to mobile devices.