Mother’s Day – How it is celebrated worldwide?What you can do? – Infographics

You are reading this because you are here.You are here because of your mother! Mother is a special relationship which is the root for other relations.Mother’s day is a special occasion celebrated by every one on earth.Every one has a mother for sure.Yet some have lost and some are not lucky enough to know their mother.Also in some cases there are many who don’t care their mother.Just think for a while…Without your mother,will u be here?Would every one in the world be?Who would have cared so much for you from childhood till now?Mother’s love is unique.It expects nothing in return for the care that no one else show.But all you can do in return for your mother is take care of her in the old age,be with her,greet her with a smile,have small conversation everyday,tell her that you love her and this is what gives her a great pleasure.Nothing else would do.On this day no gifts you present would matter.Just a wish saying ‘I Love you mom!‘ will give her a great feeling which no one or nothing else could give!

Now,here are two infographics that give some facts about mother’s day and tell us what mothers from all parts of world expect…Nothing great for themselves…see to know more!

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DotcomGiftShop surveyed many moms ,What they wanted from their kids on mothers day…And the results are below…

Nothing so expensive or difficult to get.And what most of them want is just a Card or a cuddle.Make your mom happy!

This post is dedicated to my mom!

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Norb Winslow
Norb Winslow

A cuddle... Indeed... But I'm too shy to do it and my mom will be frightened D:

SEO India
SEO India

You are absolutely right Mother is a special relationship so one should admire this relationship.


Ya!That applies for little kids!May be just a hug would do for you... :P