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Apple patents a new flexible wrap-around display : Is it for the next iPhone?


Apple’s idea on a new flexible display is revealed by the application published by the US  Patent and Trademarks Office. The title of the application reads “ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH WRAP AROUND DISPLAY”. The patent image gives us a guess that the device apple is talking about could be the next iPhone.

The device is described to have a  transparent glass housing that is masked such that no internal parts are seen.The flexible AMOLED display is inserted to the transparent housing and wraps over the device to give a conical cross section.It can be rolled and fit into the device.Two such flexible displays can be connected to work as a single display.It is also said that the device will have a image capture device ( camera) and it will be processed by a processor to show on the display.An additional feature is a particular area of display is activated to show visual content based on the view field of user whose face is recognized by the device.May be it is for iPhone6 or the rumored iPhone5S or even may be for next generation of iPod touch, who knows until apple opens up.


Samsung has already presented a demo on its flexible display technology, called Youm, and also a prototype phone with a curved display that shows notifications in the display area that is curved over the edge of the device.

Let us wait and see what Apple has got for us and which product is targeted to get this technology.Share your thoughts about this display on comments.


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