Apple reveals the iCloud logo!

Apple already officially mentioned its cloud service as iCloud on May 31.Following it the iCloud logo is revealed by the sign boards being arranged at Moscone for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) of Apple.

WWDC image credit

This does not reveal any information about the service.But the very first look of the logo has exited many Apple fans.The logo if iCloud looks like a Cloud floationg on a metal surface,and the dimentions of the logo is square with rounded corners as usual like other App icons.The iOS5 icon is similar to those of the older ones except the number 5 on it.

Apple is about to launch officially its iCloud service and iOS5 at the WWDC on Monday,6 June.No doubt that the iFans are on the lookout with excitement!

What do you think of the iCloud and iOS5 icons? Do you like ‘em? Share your thoughts in comments…

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