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Blue Screen Of Death : New feature on iOS7


It isn’t really a new feature to praise iOS7 but a flaw that many users have reported to experience on their new iPhone 5s usually when using the iWork app. Blue screen of death, or in short BSOD, was considered to be a common error with Windows users. When the operating system fails and crashes this screen shows up for seconds after which the system requires a restart.But now Apple has it on its latest and the most powerful iPhone today.

People have shared this issue on the apple support forums and also tweeted by many on this experience.Many tech blogs have been quick enough to get an attention on this error.

One of such users has managed to get a video of such experience which you could watch below.

The release of iOS7 was not such a great success to the company.A update of the os may be coming with fixes to these including a fix to the iMessage app.


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