Cinematographs : A new dimension on GIF animation

Most of us would like to see GIF animations.They are always used to attract users.GIF animations were more in use until flash acquired its place with more advantages.Those 256 colour GIF again now has found a boost.Fashion photographer Jamie Beck has introduced a new technique on GIF animation which she calls Cinematograph.

Cinematographs, basically,are Animated GIFs too,but differ in the fact that in a cinematograph only parts of the image are animated for infinite loops while the rest portions of the image are still.Jamie is using this technique to showcase all her work in an effective way.

I have added below some cool cinematographs…have a look at them.You’ll like them.

If you are interested in making such cinematographs,you may this video tutorial by Russel of creating cinematographs using Photoshop CS5.

Hope you enjoyed those Cinematographs.Whats your view on those? Do you think they would prove to be better? Share your thoughts in comments…

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p.s. I love this article on cinematographs, in fact I like many if not most of your articles, Tharun.