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Country based Content filtering on Blogger by Google

Blogger, a boon to people who wants to develop a free and personal blog. People who wants to design small websites can host here. It contains a well in-built Dashboard and handy options for designing a blog. Blogger is known for the easiest tool for blogging. Getting stated is quite easy with Blogger. The Simple ways to get started on Blogger is,

  • Go to Blogger.
  • Sign up with your Google Account.
  • Select Themes.
  • Start writing Posts.

Just in Four steps you can blog on Blogger! It provides its own free dashboard and domain ( Note the example URL in the bracket. It provides a sub domain on his TLD (Top Level Domain)

Recently, Google enabled Country based redirect for Blogger. It means, if you are accessing a blogger blog from India, you will be redirected to It redirects to the country’s ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain).

But one might ask why Google has levied such acts. You are free to ask. I’ll explain. Blogger has been started by Google in the year 1999 which complied laws of country like India, Brazil, Honduras and Germany. Google blocked Blogger in many country where it could not comply certain rules.

Two weeks ago micro-blogging site, Twitter blocked certain tweets in countries but left visible elsewhere over the web. After this, Google has come forward to block content on blogger ‘per country’ basis. Google will block the contents in blogger blog that does not comply with country’s law in that particular country but it makes the content be visible globally. Google said that redirecting people to ccTLD can make them to do such actions.

However, you can access the normal global version of any blogger blog by inserting ncr (No Country-based Redirect) at the end of the URL.

Share your thoughts about this act by Google here… 🙂

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