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Google+ Pages Rolled out! Create yours now!

Pages for Google+ has been rolled out now! Connecting with people isn’t all that is enough.There are more to connect with like your favorite band, favorite coffee shop, favorite website, favorite brand, favorite sports team and favorite anything.Till this day Google+ was only for real people and it no more is so.Now anything other than people can join Google+ as a page!

It isn’t a strange concept.You would have already used or created Pages on Facebook, click like all around your favorite topics.Here in Google+ you would be adding Pages too in circles.This feature was awaited by many to establish their business or brand.Now this will still keep the network growing.

You can create Page by going here.

You can go around and add pages to your circle.Also Google’s new “Direct Connect” allows you to search for any thing you like to connect with, and the search on Plus will enable you to find the page of what you are looking for.Example, search for “+Google” to find Google’s Page “+Technostreak” to find Technostreak’s page and so on.remember to add + before your term.

Don’t forget to Add our page in your circle! It’s here…

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