Hackers claim to have got Symantec AV source codes – File list released

Hackers group , calling themselves The Lords of Dharmaraja have gained access to the Indian Military Intelligence servers.They propose to have have discovered within the Indian Spy Programme source codes of a dozen software companies which have signed agreements with Indian TANCS programme and CBI.

The hackers have released the API procedures of the Norton Anti Virus on Pastebin (Which is deleted now),the web cache is available on Google though.Also they have released images of some confidential Cellular surveillance documents.Symantec claims that the source that the hackers have gained access to , is of older versions dating back to 1999 and those algoriths do not have anything to do with their newer versions.Hackers said they were in need of mirrors to make up to evade the censorship of USA and India.

There was sooner a second claim listing a complete file list of the antivirus source code on pastebin as well(here is the cached page).Symantec couldn’t to confirm if the files listed corresponds to its source code.The Lords of Dharmaraja seem to release the source codes of the antivirus package.If the source had to do something with the current version, it would help hackers to design a malware to evade Norton’s scan and would pose a great danger to computers worldwide.It would also help Symantec’s rival companies to know its Source.

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