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iPhone 4S : Indian Pricing from Airtel and Aircel [Pre-order]

It is really surprising that the iphone4s reaches India just one month after US release.Two leading private telecom service provides viz., Airtel and Aircel of India are starting the sales the instant clock turns twelve to begin the day of November 25.Though India doesn’t get apple devices soon after release, there are many apple fans here too.This is really a great news for Indian iFans.

iPhone is breaking the rumors not in just features, but the pricing too.It was said that comparatively iPhone 4S will be cheaper in India and said to cost 35k to 40k.But the telecom providers have started Pre-orders with the real pricing which would make you loose interest on iPhone 4S.

Both the companies offer the latest iPhone for a price of Rs.44500 for the 16GB varient and Rs.50900 for the 32GB varient.This is something hard to digest though you are dying hard for an iPhone.With the line up of many powerful and comparatively cheaper Android Phones out there, should we still go for an iPhone spending half a lakh rupees? You can if you don’t mind about the prices.Some sources also say that the 64GB varient was priced Rs.57,500.But not available now!

You can pre-order from the carriers with the links below!


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