New Linux distribution specialised for hackers claiming to be designed by Anonymous is FAKE

It is a couple of days that a new Linux distribution is rocking the web that is said to be specialized for hackers and claims to be designed by the hacker group Anonymous.Named as Anonymous OS the os is a modified version of Ubuntu 11.10 that is preloaded with a bunch of hacking tools, and a customized interface using the Mate desktop.

The release became viral and many downloads were counted.The OS claimed to be useful for checking the vulnerabilities of websites online and to hack any website.Also the Tumbler site of the OS claimed that it was only for Educational purposes and any wrong use of it may end you up in jail!.

But after all these one of the Active twitter accounts of Anonymous Group claimed through a tweet that the OS was mot designed by them and that it was full of trojans. Which means that it was not actually to help you hack, but to hack you.But the Website after these tweets, claims through twitter not to download if you are suspecting that Linux distribution rather than spreading rumors.

But it is better safe not to download such releases.


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