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Ready for WordPress 3.2 ? Minimum requirements are changing

WordPress users be prepared for the next big stable release of your favorite CMS and Blogging platform, WordPress.As many of you might have been knowing that WordPress 3.2 is to be released soon.As the technology advances the requirements for the technology increase naturally.

In WordPress 3.2, the basic requirements of running are changing.You would need to be running PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0 .Most of the hosts may already have updated to the newer versions.Though a few would lag.You could check your versions of PHP and MySQL by logging in to your hosting control panel.If you find that you are running a version prior to the required one, notify your host to get it updated.

There is an easy solution for you to find the version of PHP and MySQL you are running.Use the Health Check plugin and you will know your current versions.Get it from HERE.Or go to Plugins > Add new from your dashboard and search for Health Check.

Another thing you must know before 3.2 is that,this version of wordpress will drop support to all outdated web browsers including Internet Explorer 6.You may not be able to use the full functionality of your Dashboard.If you are using IE6, upgrade.Come aboard to latest browsers and experience the power of present web.

Update: WordPress 3.2 is now available…Got it?

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I also saw great update n this new version. But I don't understand why they update every month. It is better if Wordpress update after 4 -6 month

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Best PC Utilities

Development and advancing of technology is unavoidable, and we as the blogger must too keep up with the development, in order to be the leader in blogging network.


this is common technology funda that requirements are always increases & same for wp....