BSNL did not actually block WhatsApp


There is a huge buzz around the web, tweets shouting that the BSNL in india has blocked the use of WhatsApp owing to the decline in use of its SMS service. But on neither sides, WhatsApp and BSNL there is no official announcement regarding this. Having lost most of its customers by the Mobile Number Portability in India, it wouldn’t be the case that BSNL has blocked WhatsApp, as this move would result in a further loss of existing customers.

BSNL 3G or Wifi users were not able to connect with Whatsapp sever this weekend. Not only Whatsapp but other sites like XDA , Histats were also down, and is noted that these sites were hosted by Soft Layer (a cloud infrastructure to access data). But rumors were spreading like fire, especially in Twitter against BSNL that it has purposefully blocked WhatsApp, to recover from the fall in SMS usage.

As an immediate solution to overcome this problem there were many blogs and Yahoo Answers users giving solution to ‘unblock’ WhatsApp using free VPN services with Android apps like VPN One click, Orbot and TunnelBearVPN. But both Whatsapp and BSNL , do not officially acknowledge this issue.

Just like the rumours you believed, this piece of information is not official too, but just the view of the author.

It is better to stop listening to rumours until the information becomes official.


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