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Call for free to any phone in India soon : Innovative callback service

FreeKallSoon in India, people would be able to talk for long with their friends and family for free without installing any app or subscribing for data plans which would kill you on bill. An innovative callback service Freekall promises to offer free voice calls to any mobile or landline number in India. All you have to do is just give a missed call to a number and you will receive a call back from the same and you just need to type the number of the person you wish to talk to.

Callback services like this are in practice in many countries already, but they are available for a certain fee. In the case of Freekall, the company claims to be totally free. Don’t get happy for a moment, you would in turn have to listen to  audio advertisements from brands in the country in uniform intervals between your calls. Now wouldn’t that be annoying?

It is obvious that a company has to earn in some way, and when the potential customers are not willing to pay, such alternate strategy is to be used. Being this the case that people would need to listen to commercials, we are not sure on how well this would prove worth for the company for its sustenance.  Is is to be noted that the company makes its service available publicly starting from 15th of  April after having seen success in its beta phase.

One thing for sure is that this would come really useful when we suddenly run out of balance to make a call and who cares of ads when we are in a need to talk. But for emergency, its sure no as you will just be listening to an ad instead of delivering your message, and a person unaware of this service will hang up thinking it as an promotional call.

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Wow, this is an awesome service.. hope to see this kind of service too here in our place..