The LulzSec Hotline – Call to have a website hacked!

The LulzSec hacking group,the one behind recent attacks on Sony, the U.S. Senate and News Corp,recently has started a telephone hot-lineĀ  for its fans to call to suggest targets.This was announced by LulzSec on twitter.

The hotline was opened on June 14 and the news about this reached more than 150,000+ fans on twitter.

“Call into 614-LulzSec and pick a target, and we’ll obliterate it,” LulzSec group tweeted on its Twitter, “Nobody wants to mess with The Lulz Cannon–take aim for us Twitter.”

Calls to this number meet with a recorded voice which has a high french slang and calls themself Pierre Dubois,says source.The Reuters news about this says that when Reuters called to the number they got a recorded reply saying “We are not available right now as we are busy raping your Internet. Leave a message and we will get back to you whenever we feel like,” from the voice-mail answering machine at 614-LULZSEC.

Though the Area code, 614 , from the number points the state of Ohio,It doesn’t seem that the hacker group is located there.

The LulzSec claim to have hacked eight sites suggested by Callers to their Hotline 614-LULZSEC.

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Lolzzz..i will hack everone's site !!!