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Duqu virus for Windows – Critical threat

Microsoft Corporation recently said that they found hackers exploiting windows operating system using an unknown bug in Windows operating system. Hackers are spreading a new powerful virus to their victims. Hackers named this virus as ‘Duqu’. Now, they exploit their victim’s Windows operating system using this virus.

Symantec said that they send their victim, the virus attached with a Microsoft Word file in a Email. When victim opens the Word file, his/her computer will be in the control with the hacker. By this way, they exploit many organizations’ Windows computer.

Microsoft said that they are working hard to fix this issue and they’ll provide users a security update as soon as possible. Security experts said that the Duqu virus contained the source code of Stuxnet which is a big threat expected to play havoc on Iran’s nuclear program.

Duqu is designed by experienced hackers which is mainly to exploit oil refineries, pipelines and oil refineries. Duqu is rated as a critical threat to windows operating system ever. Symantec corporation handles this issue very seriously.

Stuxnet affected many computers across the world. Look up the below image for map.

Symantec said that developers of Stuxnet must have developed Duqu or the source code of Stuxnet might have been stolen or developers of Stuxnet might have given their source code to the developers of Duqu. It is been said that Stuxnet have crippled centrifuges that Iran uses to increase their uranium production.

Once the infected word document enters into a PC, the virus by itself can go for hunt for data. not only Symantec took this issue into consideration. Bitdefender, Kaspersky and much more security companies are working hard to fix this issue.

Update: Patch Available for this threat now.Read more here…

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