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Get Moderate graphic effects on ubuntu 11.10 with old PC

Yesterday I switched my PC from Windows XP to ubuntu 11.10. Mine is a 2005 PC. I use Intel 845GVSR Motherboard which doesn’t supports any Graphic cards. When I completed my installation, I found my screen that drags itself when something changes. For example, when I open any dialog or window, screen drags from top to bottom. Usually it happens in Windows operating systems when I don’t have any driver for Graphics.

But When I was new to ubuntu 11.10, I didn’t get any graphic driver (Intel Extreme Graphics) for ubuntu. After a long search, I learnt ubuntu 11.10 provides Unity 2D environment even my PC doesn’t have capability to provide 3D Graphics. To make your old PC to run as though you have installed graphic card, just run install gnome-panel on your ubuntu 11.10 system.

First, install latest definitions from ubuntu server:

sudo apt-get update

Then install gnome-panel to your ubuntu system:

sudo apt-get install gnome-panel

After installing, dragging of screen will be fixed.

But you will have moderate effects. You will see the panel at the left.

If you want to get a classic desktop environment with top and bottom panel, choose GNOME Classic when you log in, which will be available in the Gear icon.

Look the above picture. After getting into GNOME classic, you can get a desktop as shown in the picture. 🙂

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