A glimpse on Ubuntu 11.04 [Natty Narwhal]

Ubuntu 11.04 is now available for download and is packed with attractive and addictive new features that you may quit Windows 7.Ubuntu,as many may know,is a linux based operating system distributed by Canonical Ltd.Ubuntu is well known for its brilliant Gnome user interface and in this release of Natty Norwhal it is to its state.It’s a whole new experience with the new interface featuring The Launcher,The Dash and The Workspaces.Also one gets the freedom to choose between the classical UI and the new one.

The Launcher:

The new Launcher located on the left side of the screen allows easy access to applications and shows the open windows.Looks similar to the taskbar in Windows 7.You can add or remove application on the Launcher just by dragging into it.The Launcher can be hidden or revealed from the top left of the screen.It sure would assist your multitasking simpler.


The Dash:

Clicking on the Ubuntu logo on the top left corner opens the dash.The new Dash feature make it simpler for you to search for applications and programs.Get a faster access to you email,music,photos,documents and more.





Workspaces allows you to your applications to different spaces allowing confusion free multitasking experience.Similar to the one in earlier version.But now clicking the Workspaces icon on the launcher will pop up showing all active spaces an can switch between them in a click.



This video would explain you better…

Video By: Canonical Design

Why Ubuntu:

  • Thousands of free applications from the Software Center
  • Safer Web Browsing(all popular browsers supported
  • Built in virus protection
  • Integrated office applications(
  • Better experience for your Photos and Videos
  • Compatible with all your devices
  • Power of Open source
  • Of all it is free for lifetime with a good support.

How to Get it?

No more Free CDs Canonical has closed its free cd shipment service.Having served millions of users they want them to upgrade or download the newer versions.You can still Buy the CDs for a small amount.

Free Download You can download the iso image(698 MB) of the CD and burn it to a CD or a USB drive.Take a live test drive and decide whether to install.

Windows installer You can even install or uninstall ubuntu as you do with other applications on Windows.

So head to to get Ubuntu by any method you want.

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