Name the HDD partitions in ubuntu

Many ubuntu users who migrated from Windows are annoyed on the way ubuntu names the harddisk partitions.Ubuntu names the root as ‘File System’ and the partitions as ‘xx GB File System’ where ‘xx’ is the capacity of partition in GB.But they are not aware of the way to name the partitions.Here is a simple step by step explanation on the proceedings…Don’t worry it can be done in a GUI method.

Disk Utility is used for doing this work…Get a shot of it here.

  1. Go to System => Administration => Disk Utility
  2. Select the item ‘xx GB Hard Disk’ The one you need if you have many HDD.
  3. In the Volumes section, click on a partition you want to label with a name of your choice.
  4. Click ‘Edit Filesystem Label’.
  5. In the Label box, enter a name, eg: Disk-Drive1, and click Apply.

The file manager should now show the partition label, instead of xx GB Filesystem.

If the option for “Edit Filesystem Label” is not shown, click “Unmount Volume” before hand. In case you can’t unmount a volume, try Storage Device Manager to unmount it. This tip is for naming a partition using Disk Utility, use other advanced features such as format, edit or delete partition with caution,as they can delete data on your disk.

What you named your partition as?Share your experiences in comments…

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Nice.. Useful article! I don't use ubuntu only because, in my computer a major problem occurs. Please tell me whether it is a problem due to updates which i have not installed or any other hardware problem. The problem is I receive a black screen where I must unplug my computer because I get no more options! Please help me...

Thanks in Advance!


Do you mean to say that the screen turns black when you boot the OS? If so your display drivers may be configured wrong.When you encounter this try pressing Alt+Ctl+F1.and use this command "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" if it doesnt solve try googling for a solution or better get help from