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Mountain Lion: New Mac OS X contains iPad features

Mac OS X, the latest computing technology. It features the most advanced computing technology in the world. Apple released its newer version of Mac OS X, named Mountain Lion. It facilitates the features of iOS and contains most of the features from iPad. As the people in the world now uses iPads and Tablets than a Personal Computer. Mac has now started to spread among the minds of people. Most of the Windows users replaces with Macintosh.

Yesterday, February 17, 2012 Apple released its newer version of Mac OS X which has still stirred the minds of people. Mountain Lion features the following:

  1. Allows a Mac user to send unlimited messages to another Mac or iOS user.
  2. Supports MultiPlayer gaming with Mac and iOS users.

  3. iCloud is featured which is more easier to setup than ever. Users can sign in with an Apple ID.

  4. Apple TV allows the user to send videos from a Macintosh.

  5. Sharing has become easier. Tweet, Email directly from your Safari browser, Photo Booth and other applications.

  6. Added donuts for Chinese users. Apple has added Chinese products such as Baidu Search, Youku, Tudou, Sina Weibo etc.

  7. New two Finger swiping motion for Notifications. New way of Notifying you the updates and other messages from applications.

  8. Security system has been updated in all new Mountain Lion.

Tim Cook, Chief Executive of Apple Inc. told that most of the features on Mountain Lion has been taken from iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. Their aim is to live the wish of Steve Jobs who wants to bring the world, Apple products in everyone’s life. Most of the features from iPad and iPhone. But still one of the feature is missed in Mountain Lion. Can you guess it? Yes, it’s Siri. The voice recognizing feature which also gives relevant reply has not been featured in the new Mountain Lion. Cook told that they are working hard to bring the feature to Mac too.

See also: Siri for Android devices.

Mountain Lion has also provided an easier way for Application developers. Mountain Lion can be downloaded and installed directly from Apple Store.

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