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Top 10 Computer Security Tips and Tricks For 2011

The perfect computer security method is all about learning new ways to protect your computer from all forms of attacks as fast possible. You cannot enjoy your computer system if you do not about computer security measures that you can use to prevent all forms of attacks like Trojan virus and others. You need to use some important computer tips and tricks to keep your computer safe.

In this article, I will be sharing with the top ten tips I used to protect my computer system I was using for my gravity defyer and 48hourprint blog publication against virus attacks.

The top ten computer security tips that you can use to secure your computer system against attacks are written below in this article.

1. Always use Best Anti-virus Software to Update your Computer

Use well designed anti-virus software which protects your system from many known viruses. But, new viruses may slip in your computer so, it is important to update anti-virus regularly. Annual flu shots will recognize the new viruses in your system.

2. Don’t Open Unnecessary Email Attachments

You should not open any email attachments even if it is from a known person also. So, when you find and messages or email attachments it is better to delete immediately. When you plan to open a file it is better to save the file and run it in the virus checker. Don’t open any attachments even if it is from your friend also which contains some impressive messages.

3. Protect your Computer from Internet Hackers by using Firewalls

Firewalls protect your system by forming a wall between your system and the outside world. Firewalls are of two types, software firewalls, which run on your hardware firewalls and PC that protect many systems at the same time.

4. Download Software Updates Regularly on Your Operating System

Many software companies release patches to close newly discovered vulnerabilities in their software. It is important to download and install the patches as fast as possible.

5. Always use Difficult-to-Guess Passwords

Your password should be at least eight characters containing mix upper case, numbers, lower case or other special characters. Change your passwords regularly, at least every three months. Do not reveal your password to anyone even if he/she is a friend or relative.

6. Don’t share access with your computers with unknown person:

It is important to learn about file sharing risks. Sharing files with a stranger can infect your computer with many viruses, worms and Trojan horses. Check your operating system and other program help files to learn how to disable file sharing.

7. Check your System Security on Regular Basis:

The operating system and programs on your computer may have many valuable features, but also allows many viruses and web hackers. It is better to evaluate your computer security at least twice a year.

8. Disconnect Internet Connection when not in use:

Disconnecting your computer from the internet when you are not online so, there will be no chance that someone will access your computer. If you don’t use an anti-virus software or firewalls software up-to-date, there is chance that someone could infect or use your computer.

9. Take the Backup of your Data Files Regularly on Disks or CD’s:

There are two types of people, those who have already lost data and those who are going to lose data in the future. You have to take back up of small amounts of data on CD’s and on floppy disks.

10. Teach Your People to Know How to Fight Computer Attacks:

Your family members and employees also should know what to do when your PC is infected by viruses and Trojan horses.

By making use of these tips, I am quite sure that you can keep your computer secure at all times without stress on your side.

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