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Top Windows 8 Apps for Web Developers

Microsoft has been working hard to increase the user base of Windows 8, ever since its launch. Apart from other features, the maker is focusing on app store of Windows 8. Microsoft has been working hard to invite more and more developers to come and develop apps for their latest operating system. This is the reason that Windows 8 app store has been following uptrend rapidly. The app store has got apps related to all categories. If you are web developer, then also Windows 8 is very good for you, as there are many apps meant to help you in your work.

Windows 8 Web Developer Apps

Do have a look at the best Windows 8 apps for web developers.

Charming Reddit

Know about the popular website Reddit? It can help you in your web development work. Thanks to Charming Reddit app that makes it simple for you to access the beautiful pictures related to all categories. The photos are displayed in an amazing photo stream. The thumbnails of the images are shown along with the description. You can check the Up and Down votes given to any particular photo by the users. This gives you idea in selecting best photos so that there is not any wastage of your time.  You can check out the photos posted on any particular date or month.

Snap FX

This is one of the best and most easy to use tools that allow you to do some basic editing with your photos. You can change their sharpness, brightness and lots more this simple-to-use app. The app comes with many filters to work with your photos. The images have always been the best and most crucial in making look of any website. As a web developer you must be familiar with it already. This is one of the most recommended Windows 8 apps for web developers.

World Clock

As a web developer, you might be getting projects from people located all over the globe, right? Therefore you must have the knowledge of time difference between your local time and your client’s location’s time so that you can complete your projects in time. Since remembering the time difference is damn tough task, therefore this app is very important to have in your Windows 8. This app displays time of all locations on your screen. You can select if you want to see the times of only a few countries.


This app does not relate with the web designing profession directly, but yes, is very important if seen its use. As already stated, as a web developer, you get projects from all over the globe. Therefore you must stay in touch with your clients. Skype is the best way of communication. You can have chat with your client at anytime you want to.  You can send your work for approval via Skype. Though there are many other instant messengers that can do this task for you, but every professional person prefers Skype. Simple and convenient!

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