Applications, HTML5/JavaScript, Online Services and the Wait for Windows 8

The Windows 8 first demonstration showed how well web based code will integrate into the operating systems. The presentation even included an application that was based on HTML5 and JavaScript. Understanding this is important if you want to understand the major changes that Windows is bringing to us. HTML5 and JavaScript are the programming languages of the internet. They are the languages and code that make up things like websites and other web based applications we use on the internet. This is a huge change for the possibilities of the way we use the internet. Here is a look at some important issues related to this.

  • Apps for Windows 8. There will be two kinds of applications when we see the Windows 8 upgrade. There will be the traditional apps we are used to, and there will be HTML5/JavaScript apps that actually work on your operating system and not just inside your web browser.
  • Phone and Tablet. We can expect to see many of the HTML5/JavaScript based applications be produced for applications that will primarily be designed for our windows phone and windows tablet, although they will work as equally well on our laptop and desktop.
  • Windows Live. Windows Live promised to be very powerful and influential when it was first launched. Once Google established Gmail and then the growth of social media sites like Facebook, Live has really taken a back seat for Windows and just about everyone else. A full revamp of Windows Live can only be expected. Windows Live is what will take Windows 8 to the internet and beyond. The only other option for Microsoft is to dump and replace it.
  • Phone to Tablet to Desktop. It seems hard to believe now, especially because we are so used to having to learn how to use a smartphone and learn separately how to make the most out of our desktop, and then figure out our own ways to transfer information between those devices, but with the Windows 8 upgrade, expect them all to be exactly the same.

What does all this mean for us users? We have seen a gradual falling behind by Windows and Microsoft in the last few years despite the fact most of us use Windows. Other companies like Google, Apple, and other providers, have been providing better and smoother operating systems, and much better online products and services. It is timely that Windows has brought about this change, and the sooner it is launched the better. Many people have not made the change to other operating systems just because they are so used to what they have, even though, in most cases, it has been an inferior product. Windows 8 will be the first time we see the identical operating system on our smartphones, tablets, desktops and everything else. This will be a welcome change for everyone, and will be a new standard in computing. Services to support more online productivity should be released as soon as possible to show Microsoft still can deliver cutting edge technology and products to support the operating system.

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Geo Jolly
Geo Jolly

Recently, inspired by a technology book and their tutorials in creating a App via HTML5 I am very interested n these topics. Good work Tharun !