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Facebook Desktop Messenger is now Officially available for Download

There are already some third party Facebook Messengers to message friends from your desktop without needing to have your Facebook account open on your browser.Now Facebook has released an official Desktop App for Windows to chat with friends, see the notifications accept or see the friend requests etc.,

Facebook already released its messengers for mobile devices like Android, iPhone and Blackberry.The Desktop App now released is Facebook’s Messenger for Windows.This application needs a Windows 7 PC to run.This Application is more or less similar to Google talk in functionality.It shows you the list of friends online and also your custom lists, pings your when you receive some notification with a message that fades in at the right bottom of you screen over your working window.Closing the Messenger, it gets minimised to the task bar and it is  still alive to serve you.

It can also  get docked on the right side of your screen no matter what window is open for you.Just similar to the Facebook Chat and Ticker bar that exists now on your stream.You may choose to have it docked or not.

The Video chat and Group chat features have not yet been integrated into the messenger.For now you may do these through your browser.But to have the ease of messaging individual friends from your desktop, this Application would come handy.

You can download the Messenger from Facebook Help Topic regarding this Messenger for windows.

Here is a link to the Setup file Download…

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