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Google chrome : Start it incognito always

Google chrome has now become one of the most popular web browser and the fastest too.Those list of features google chrome has have always kept its fans from moving away.One such is the incognito mode.When ever one wants to keep privacy,switching to incognito mode would be better.For those who wish to be in incognito always it would be annoying to choose incognito mode every time from the menu or to click ctrl+shift+N each time.How would it be to have Chrome started to incognito mode everytime? It would be easier isn’t it?

Its just a child’s play to have it done.Just follow the steps below based on the OS you use


Nothing so hard in windows.

  • Just right click on the Google Chrome short cut icon you use to launch it.May be the one on Desktop or on the Start Menu.
  • Select Properties.
  • On the Shortcut tab,locate the textbox labelled Target.

  • Place your cursor on the text box and go to the end of the entry.It end as …chrome.exe
  • At the end just type -incognito leaving a space beween exe and –
  • Click Apply and exit.

Now you have it.You will automatically open chrome in incognito mode in future.


Ubuntu user? Don’t worry.We have a method for you too.

  • First you need to start Main Menu options dialog.
    • If you use any Ubuntu version prior to 11.04 ,Right click on the Ubuntu logo on the left top corner of the screen and choose Edit Menus.
    • If you use 11.04 , Just type Main Menu on the Dash Click on the Main menu icon.
  • both will lead you to a dialog box like the one below…

  • Select Internet under menus and then Google Chrome under items.
  • Click properties and you will get a small pop up dialog as below…

  • In the Command text box Go to the end of the entry.It will be like …chrome %U
  • Place the pointer betweenchrome and %U and type –incognito
  • Make sure you leave a space between on both sides of –incognito
  • Click Close to save your changes or click Revert if you feel you went wrong.

Thats it! You have set your part.Now every time you start Chrome enter incognito mode by default…

P.S: Note that in windows just a single hyphen (-) but in Ubuntu two hyphens (–) before incognito.

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