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[limited]Microsoft gives away Media center pack Product keys for free : Turns into a loop hole for getting Pro licence

Microsoft had been offering its Media Center features as a part of the Operating system until Windows 7.But with the new release of Windows 8 , Media center has been made an Add on pack which you have to purchase separately.This was one thing not liked by many wanting to pay for it in addition to Windows 8 licence, but Microsoft is not moving from its decision having many users who want Media Center and looks to make money from it.

As a limited time offer the company gives away Microsoft Media Center pack Product keys for free.If you already have a Windows 8 Product key you can download the Media center pack for free with the key Microsoft sends you.Normally the Media center pack itself will cost you $9.99.

To claim your free  product key for Windows Media Center pack head to the Windows 8 website here and scroll down to find the form which wants just your email.Look for a free Product key mailed to you within 72 hours.

Unfortunately this turns against Microsoft itself.Pirates who managed to get windows 8 pro activated through KMS keys are able to get legal Pro key by this way.Microsoft will have to patch this some how in order to prevent unauthorised Pro activations.

This Free product key giveaway will be on until 31st of January 2013.Get your key now and avoid paying additional for the Media Center pack.

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